Contacts - Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor

The Asia-Pacific Communication Monitor is a joint project by leading professional and academic organisations (read more about the Partners). We will be happy to present results, give interpretations and interviews on national data, or talk about future collaboration opportunities.

Please note that the APCM is a non-profit endeavour. All results are provided for personal and academic purposes only. Due to privacy policies, raw data is not available. Presentations for professional and in-house purposes require extra efforts which have to be negotiated.

Overall enquiries

Enquiries for research presentations and interviews in English should be directed to any member of the Core research team.

Enquiries about implications for communication practice as well as for APACD activities should be directed to Christopher Domitter, Vice President, and the APACD board or its country chapter leads. Visit the APACD website to find the suitable contact person.

National enquiries

Enquiries for interviews and presentations in national languages or additional analyses in key countries should be directed to the professors listed below. All of them are partners and advisers within the APCM extended research team which represents the leading universities in public relations and strategic communication in the region.

Country Professor University Contact
Australia Prof. Jim Macnamara, Ph.D. University of Technology, Sydney E-Mail
China Prof. Dr. Xianhong Chen Huazong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan E-Mail
Hong Kong (SAR) Assoc. Prof. Regina Yi-Ru Chen, Ph.D. Hong Kong Baptist University E-Mail
Indonesia Ass. Prof. Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D. Trisakti University, Jakarta E-Mail
Japan Prof. Dr. Junichiro Miyabe Hokkaido University, Sapporo E-Mail
Korea (Republic) Prof. Yungwook Kim, Ph.D. Ewha University, Seoul E-Mai
Malaysia Prof. Kiranjit Kaur, Ph.D. Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor E-Mail
New Zealand Senior Lecturer
Flora Hung-Baesecke, Ph.D.
UTS Sydney / previously
Massey University, Auckland
Philippines Assoc. Prof. Fernando Paragas, Ph.D.
University of the Phlippines Diliman E-Mail
Singapur Prof. May O. Lwin, Ph.D. Nanyang Technological University E-Mail
Taiwan Prof. Jeff Chien-Tu Lai, Ph.D. National Chengchi University, Taipei E-Mail
Thailand Nutthaboon (Chung) Pornrattanacharoen Mahidol University International College, Salaya E-Mail
Vietnam Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, Ph.D. Vietnam National University, Hanoi E-Mail